New Shanghai

Locations of interest

Consulate of the Planetary Consortium, Mars.
Tharsis League central administration
Tharsis Terraforming Office
Rail Eos
Consulate of Noctis
Consulate of Elysium
Embassy of the Lunar-Lagrange Alliance
Embassy of the Jovian Republic
Embassy of the Titanian Commonwealth
University of Mars
South Pudong
Weiming Prospect

Bisected by the artificial River Ares, the massive dome of New Shanghai is a temple to gleaming excess. It is our Manhattan, our Constantinople, our Babylon. At its center lie Zhongshan Road and the Bund, a brick-for-brick recreation of the famous old Shanghai water-front.

The Customs House at Number 13, the Bund, houses the Consulate of the Planetary Consortium, Mars. Also located in buildings along the Bund, or further down Zhongshan Road, are the central administration of the Tharsis League, which doubles as City Hall; the Tharsis Terraforming Office; Rail Eos; the consulates of Noctis, Elysium, and other large Martian settlements; the embassies of the Lunar-Lagrange Alliance, the Jovian Republic, and the Titanian Commonwealth; the Extropian trade mission; and several influential social clubs, including the British-style Shanghai Club at Number 2. An address on the Bund is some of the most expensive real estate in the solar system. One can tell a great deal about both the status and the mindset of a hypercorp by its digs here. The most powerful and ostentatious, including Fa Jing and Direct Action, occupy entire buildings. At the same time, several of the most prominent hypercorps—including Cognite and Solaris—have nothing more than a single secure conference room rented in a shared building. It should go without saying that security along the Bund is some of the tightest in the system. One can be accosted by plainclothes officers doing ID sweeps at any time.

The rest of New Shanghai is a picture-perfect grid of arcologies, parks, and housing towers. The architecture varies a great deal. Outside of the Bund, many of the major buildings, particularly the arcos, mirror the blocky, monumental New Imperial school of twenty-first century China—a style beside which twentieth century Soviet bloc buildings would seem like elfin confections. North of the Bund on the east side of the river is Weiming Prospect, a neighborhood of mansions and row houses expensive enough, and in some cases showy enough, to have made a Russian oligarch blush. Other notable neighborhoods include Ninjinsky Square, a decadent gallery and theater district; Athenaeum, home to the University of Mars; and South Pudong, a neighborhood with much to recommend it if one enjoys haute Szechuan cuisine, high stakes mah-jongg, and meetings with highly placed triad bosses.

New Shanghai

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